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"Remember you're always smiling within, your skeleton grins right under your skin."

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Feb 7, 2012

Valentine's day approaching.

One week to go! I never cared much for those "special days", but the idea is very sweet!
My guess is that I'm actually gonna spend it with my bandmembers this year in the north of Sweden, either rehearsaling or recording.. Haha, very romantic!

How about you guys? Do you got any date yet? If not, keep your smile either way! People who are single tend to see Valentine's day as a reminder of them being lonely instead of taking care of the ones they got by their sides. Don't you dare do that!
Always let a smile be your umberella! Just the simple act of smiling releases endorphins into the blood stream that make you feel happy. Beside that fact a smiling person is more attractive, so get those cheeks up! Bend both ends of your lips pointing to the sky! Enjoy this day, if not with your lover then with your friends - that's what I'm going to do!

Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with a dear friend I have'nt seen in ages! Together we will visit the local museum. Really looking forward!


  1. Maybe I will actually have a date this Valentine's day, for the first time ever. I'm so happy. Have a good Valentine's day MADman ♡

  2. Ah, I never cared of Valentine's day and I have no boyfriend too. But still, I've my family and friends by my side. =3

    Well, your post is sufficient to make my smile. :)
    Happy advanced Valentine's day.

  3. Ah, I never cared of Valentine's day and I've no boyfriend too. But still, I've my family and friends by my side. =3

    Well, your post is sufficient to make my smile. :)
    Happy advanced Valentine's day

  4. Hahah, I'll actually write a physics test this Valentine's day and I have to listen to a lecture in our school and... eeeh!
    I guess I will spend the rest of Valentine's day with playing guitar, playing guitar and yes. playing guitar! And calling my bonbon. . . ♥
    Don't worry, Seike. Spending Valentine's day with friends can be pretty funny! Friendship also is a kind of love.
    I hope you'll enjoy it!

    I really like what you wrote about smiling and... ok I am too lazy to mention everything. I liked the whole blog entry.
    Aww, meeting old friends is such a great thing. Have Fun! ☆

  5. I always make treats for my friends so they get a valentine too when they are single o(^▽^)o

  6. I decided to treat myself sth. nice on Valentine's day since I'm single and I'm not someone who's sad about it ;)
    Love isn't only found in family, friends or lover BUT also in yourself so I will do something nice for my body & soul.
    I really agree with the 'smiling' part in your blog, coz it's simply true ;)

    Have a wonderful day

  7. Me and my two best friends are off to see The Woman In Black on Valentine's Day! It's a tradition to see a scary movie on Valentine's Day and it helps me not think about the three year relationship I'm not in anymore. :P

    Stay beautiful, hon. <3

  8. Valentine's day is a commercial day for chocolate factories and flower shops. if two people are in love - every day is like V-day.
    ...but your post really puts a smile on a face. thank you~

  9. friendship also is a kind of love!
    I'll spend Valentine's day with my great love... my guitar!