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Feb 2, 2012


Snow sure is beautiful in many ways.. But right now it's too cold to really enjoy it.

I just got picked up from the airport. Helsinki was colder than here, but I just heard that it will get around -30C° tonight.. Guess I wont be leaving the house for some days from now.

Anyway my second trip to Finland within a month was as good as the first one if not better!
Helsinki is not too different from my own country, and there are also a lot of people there talking Swedish actually! I did not know about it before. I knew that some are learning our language in school but not that there were signs and information in Swedish everywhere! They even had Swedish names of the streets (which I just find unnecessary?).
The first time I went there I confused the taxi driver with telling him the name of the street in my own language.. poor guy! But I guess he must be used to it. At least I hope so in a way, haha! Scary enough with a pierced dude that you have to drive around.. I mean, he might bite!

Next trip will be to Sundsvall for recording and rehearsal with the band. After that it's time for Seremedy to go to Falun and have our first gig of this year! Then I have a short two weeks vacation in Thailand. February is booked 99.9%! This will be a stressful month in many ways. I am also going to apply for a work sometime next week. Wish me luck!

Now - first thing I do even before going home with my bags is to stop for a 15 min tanning.
stay MAD!


  1. I'm thai and I wish you a great holiday. But please pay attention with thai people, in the last years they've became worst, everyday when I read thai newspaper there are a lot of news about tourists tricked (and killed) by thai people. Watch out!

  2. -30 är inte roligt :c
    Men trevligt att du hade det bra i Finland! ^^

  3. Ah, all finns have to learn swedish at least for 3 years, some even more....I hate it XD But I have nothing against swedish as language, it's just that I'm not good at it. T ^ T

    It's indeed fucking cold .__. freezing death awaits

  4. Sounds like you had a nice time in Finland~
    And the -30, we have here too. I haven't been outside in a week because of a respiratory infection, so I don't really know how bad it is, but it seems pretty bad. Hope summer comes fast!

    I really hope February will be nice for you! Good luck with the gig, and have fun in Thailand :D

    Do you have time for a (veryveryvery) small birthday greeting the 14th of February? It would make my week :3

  5. I really don´t need some snow now, its too cold DX

    Haha saw the pic of u in finnland looked like u had lots of fun ^^
    You should come to germany soon haha ^^.

    Have a great time in thailand and take care of you ne~