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Feb 26, 2012

To the airport!

Two days ago Seremedy had our first gig 2012! So wonderful to enter stage again after a three month break. The show was located in Falun, at a convention named Rencon. I've missed the crowd. All our supporters are damn awesome!

I have not got much time to update here since my schedule has been tight, filled with meetings and travels.
Today I leave Sweden for a two weeks vacation in Thailand.. though it won't be much of a vacation since I have a lot of work to finish, but I guess there will be enough of swimming and shopping anyway.

I will try to update at least one time this trip, including pictures if I get the chance.
Until then!


  1. i'm glad seremedy is going so well, keep up the good work!! :D and i hope one day seremedy could even come to canada (/^^)/.

  2. We will miss you! Have a great time in Thailand, you totally deserve a vacation. Take as much time as possible to relax! ♡