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"Remember you're always smiling within, your skeleton grins right under your skin."

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Feb 28, 2012

Night in Rayong

Listening to the waves from the ocean nearby. Looking at the stars that adorn the sky above. Feeling the cool breeze in the nights humidity.

We are all alive, but those few times when it really hits you without hurting in any way... it is then you are able to really enjoy life the fullest.
I lose myself inside my twisted mind way too often to really see with the eyes I've been blessed with. I rarely find myself listening to the music of nature as I do now.

I want to store this feeling inside, but..
though memories can be cherished, they won't give justice to the moments which created them.

1 comment:

  1. Seike,
    Your words convey wisdom beyond your years - I can almost feel the sensations you describe! You are the perfect transcendentalist. Enjoy your soul healing time and thank you for sharing your zen!