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Mar 16, 2012

short update of my life at the moment

I am now home since a week back and have done pretty much nothing but recharging. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but there were not much time for that. All the traveling made me very tired. I am exhausted!
As that wasn't enough I also catched a cold while back home. I think China airport is to blame for that. It was so damn cold at the transfer back to Sweden, I thought the momend would be my last.
I survived, as you can see, and now I'm curing myself with a lot of sleeping. Hopefully I will be fit for fight until next week.
In exactly one week from now I'm going to Sundsvall to make the absolute last adjustment on the recordings of our album. I think in a very close future Seremedy will announce the release.
Stay updated!

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