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Dec 6, 2011

unproductive days coming to an end

I got good news today! I will enter the studio already next week to do some vocals for the upcoming album. I don't know exactly how long it's gonna take, but I would guess at least four days or so. Going to update you during the recording ofcourse!

Unfortunately the screen to my laptop broke some days ago. I've got all my work on it, so it will be hard to get anything done and I really need to practice the texts for next week! I'm now moving all my material to an external hard drive. Good thing is that I will get a completely new laptop instead, but still bad timing!

I have got nothing much else to write about at the moment since I am mostly at home sleeping. My life is not much more interesting than that. I play games and read books, just being unproductive in regular..
Have not felt very healthy eather. That's one bad thing about the winter. It's so easy to catch a cold! At least there have been snowing some today! Winter without snow is wrong! Whitout it, what is then the difference between winter and autumn? Besides that I like snow. It is beautiful. I hope there will be more of it for Christmas!

over and out!
stay MAD!

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  1. Hey!
    I just heard "Bulletproof roulette" on youtube and I think that is about the same level as J-rock which means that it's really good. Congratulations for having come so far:)