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Dec 21, 2011

Christmas times

I am sorry that I did not update for a while, but since my computer is broken I've not been able to.

Last week I did some recording as mentioned in the last post. Tomorrow I'll go back to Sunsvall again for the final details on my vocals, such as screams and other small parts. Over all I'm satisfied with our work, and the things I'm unsure about we'll fix tomorrow and the upcoming days before Christmas.

I've really tried to find presents for my dear and beloved ones, but it is so damn hard. I have no imagination left. Used it all during my work, hehe..

How will you celebrate? What do you wish for?
Give me some comments about your plans for this year.
I'm going to spend time with my family and our relatives on my fathers side. Long time since I got to be with them now. I've been a little stressed out recently and will really focus on relaxing at least some during this weekend.
Christmas is a time to stop and just reflect on the good things we have got in this otherwise chaotic life.
I hope you'll do as I do! Take this words along, and ofcourse I also hope you all to have a wonderful Christmas!

stay MAD!


  1. I know what you mean.. It's sometimes impossible for me to find a good gift to my mother because she always says: Anything from you is fine.
    But you really want to give them something awesome to show them that you appreciate them. Keep the good work up and I’ll be waiting for that album!!

  2. Merry Christmas, Seike!

    My family celebrates by everyone getting together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts, enjoy good food and make music (I come from a family of musicians & artists). I have very young cousins, so we adults try hard to make good memories for them to treasure, like the ones we have from Christmas past, when we were kids.

    My Christmas wish is for those that suffered tragedy this year to find comfort & hope. As for myself personally, I'll settle for a bauble (I love costume & fashion), a song (music=air) and a new book to devour.

    Seike, I wish you love, laughter, joy and comfort this holiday season & for the coming year! Thank you for your madness!

    Brightest Blessings and a stolen mistletoe kiss,
    AKA Ms. Angel Demon Editor Tenebrous Magazine