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Nov 6, 2011

Viju Love Live - Seremedy interview

for all of you who missed the live broadcast,
the interview can now be watched on YouTube

Here are the rest of the interview:

Give some nice comments and thank you all for your support!
I hope that you will have as much fun when you watch as we
had while we were interviewed. Many laughs!
stay MAD!


  1. I'm a little disappointed :S :(
    I was expecting some interview but all you did was say your names and then show a few clips of your shows :S

    Where was the interview? :S No offense though

  2. See link above
    ( here you find the rest of the interview)

  3. First person must be retarded....

  4. Yay! Today I finally got to see the whole interview! I watched like 2/3 of it live last Monday, but... I still had a school lesson the first part of it, soo... It was so fun to finally watch the whole thing! :D I think it's so great that you are reaching out there, and I think you did a great job presenting the concept of Seremedy! I'm sure this was a big step in the right direction gaining WORLD DOMINATION! >8D I laughed so hard many times during the interview, hahaha xD And I was so obsessed by the interview I totally forgot about everything else, probably looking pretty stupid sitting there by myself doing the "stay MAD" hand movement, so... Hopefully no one was watching xD Anyways, I hope you had a really great Japan tour and that you will all get some well deserved time to realax and just do what you want now^^ Stay MAD <3

  5. "DR. LINDER"! Can I see his doctors license? ;< Hahaha. Jk. Seems like you guys had lots of fun!