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Nov 6, 2011

Sexy as Hell

Went to a party yesterday along with some of my friends to celebrate my homecoming and ofcourse Halloween! The theme of the event was "Sexy as Hell", so me and my brother dressed up as two badass demons. I guess we were pretty sexy (─▽─)
We came there around midnight but the line to the club took us one and a half hour. It was so damn crowded! But we had a lot of fun, even thought we came in one hour before closing, haha!

Me and my brother got ourselves some
tequilashots the first thing we did after
entering. If there is party, there is tequila!

Sadly I can not find any good picture of my outfit. Though it was nothing special I felt really fancy! To be honest I'm not really a party-guy. I prefer evenings at home in front of a cozy movie or video game, but once I partying is the real party!
The night-life in Sweden is really lame when it comes to that all the clubs and bars are closing at 3am. I will never get why, and I hope that there will be a chane sometime in the future. Who wants to end the night at 3am anyway? That's when the party starts!!

stay MAD!


  1. the important are funny moments with our family and friends!!! x)

  2. Asian night clubs, if any, shouldn't close that early, you know? D:

  3. Seike, you should wear glasses more often! They suit you so much! \(^▽^*) Like we say: Švedų vaikinai - gražiausi. ヾ(*´・ω・`*)σ

  4. Really great night, though I still can't figure out that green chicken haha!

  5. you are sexy as hell!!!!

  6. I agree! Clubs should stay opened at least until 5am~ and you look cute with glasses ☆


  8. 3 am? Lucky you, up here they close at 2 am...
    and they are right, you do look good in glasses :)

  9. hawt!

    lol bird in background..

  10. SEIKE IS HELL,AND SEXY! ( ^ A^ )