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Nov 8, 2011

Send a thought to Thailand

Started my day with a banana, ps3 and some sad news. I have to cancel my plans for a trip since I would go there to stand as model for clothes, but unfortunately the shipping to the store got delayed. The trip itself can wait, but just the fact that it had to because ot the situations around Bangkok makes me very worried and sad.

My family just came home from Thailand just some days after my arrival from Japan, and they told me about the flood. I could not help but being relieved at that time that our house is located in Rayong and therefor both it and my family were safe, but ofcourse I am very sorry for all the people that are now suffering from the forces of nature. I am also sad that I can not do more to help.

Let us all send a thought to Thailand, the individuals over there and hope for it to get better in a very close future!


  1. Hope your family is fine after all.
    Best wishes

  2. I hope all will be ok. Don't be sad, smile for them - they must know that they have support in your person.

    All will be ok!