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Nov 28, 2011

SEIKE, the MAD chef!

I am awful with food exept when it comes to the part when I eat it. I can not cook or bake, but last week my childhood friend came to visit and forced me to the kitchen..

First cake did not turn out that good. It was supposed to to be "colabrownies" but tasted like meat and vegetables. I'm not kidding. We found out afterwards that we had used too much baking soda.
Explained why the cake more or less exploded in the oven.. (ー_ー )

The day after we decided try again, but this time with cupcakes and candy christmas-style! Went much better! First we started out with the cupcakes.
Cinnamon, coffee, banana♥, ginger and lots of sugar. So tasty!
Also made marzipan figures with regular, red (with strawberry taste) and green (with peartaste) marzipan. When we were tired of making figures we rolled balls of the marzipan and putted walnuts in the middle. Used melt chocolate to spice it all up a bit. In the end we mixed the chocolate and walnuts that was left over to make small chocolate bars.

I got a requests by one of my followers on
Twitter to make a Christmas-Pikachu! (´・ω・`)
Hope this gave you some inspiration to make your own creations.
If you do, be sure to take pictures and post me a comment about it.
If not, comment anyway!


  1. Pikachu~

    That's so lovely!!! Well, it would be fun making it in the kitchen!!

    I'm not so good at cooking though.

  2. start a bakery!! xD
    seike bakery, the new hit!

  3. Great housewife material :3

  4. Hahaha , your brownies look gruesome! It looks like the stuff is about to crawl out of the oven!

  5. Pikachu med tomteluva... Awesome :'3<3

  6. That Pikachu is so cute ! ; w ; You clearly have skills! XD

  7. I can not do that sort of thing. I don't know do it.
    I would like a boyfriend who knows to do that!
    Its really cute !
    Congratulation you are talented dear !
    One day you'll have to try a Entei! XD

  8. I want to try all that! ... is very tender Pikachu Christmas !!!!

  9. Aww, that Pikachu looks soo cute! I think I would have had big problems eating it, hahaha x)