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Nov 20, 2011

about my pain...

I suffer from a herniated disc that is the cause of my backpain. I got it two years ago (or was it three..?). Many people asks me about it, so here is your answer.

Before I sometimes was not even able to leave bed because it hurted too much. I'm visiting a clinic now and then, and I received treatment in the form of cortisone injection several times. The pain comes and goes, but has become much better since I do a lot of exercises to build muscle and flexibility of the body, making it easier for me to live my life normally. As long as I stay fit I think it will get better day by day. Or at least I hope it will..

But that however is a reason to why I sometimes find it hard move on stage and maybe seems a little stiff. The pain affects my mood, and I can get pretty grumpy from time to time. Taking pills that are meant to help a little, which they unfortunately don't always do. I also require help to lift heavy things and sometimes people around neet to help me to carry my bags. I must seem like such a diva walking with people around holding all my stuff, haha!
But there you have your explanation.


  1. You are a great musician, it is so cool that you share with us it. Please, get be ok!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know! At least to me, This means a lot