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Nov 4, 2011

home, sweet home

Today we got back to Sweden from our tour in Japan. It has become much colder since we left. That's sad in a way, but I'm still happy to be home.
I realized today how fresh the air actually is here in the north of our earth. When I got off the plane today and took my first breath the thought struck me. Real clean, cool, fresh air is so underrated! You really appreciate it only after having spent some time abroad. People here in the north are spoiled with our fresh air. Hope that we realize it soon and will care for and nurtures it well in the future.

My cat was so happy to see me, and I was even more happier to finally be with him again. He now follows me everywhere in the house and lay beside me all the time.
I love that little creature too much.
The upcoming week I will just relax and be useless for some time. I guess the whole band deserves it. Gonna play some PS3, sleep a lot and start reading a new book since I finnished the last one on the tour. I will also try to meet up with friends when I find the strength to, and ofcourse update the blog about the trip.
I will be sure to add some photos to the entries.

but as an appetizer you can have a picture of a monster I found in Shinjuku. Perhaps a relative of mine? It was said to be very tasty. I would like to try! Maybe next time..

stay MAD!