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Oct 31, 2011

Viju☆Love☆Cafe - Seremedy special

I feel feverish and It is flowing snot out of my nose. Not a good sign.. Glad I did not join the others to the Halloween-party tonight and stayed at the hotel instead. I should make it a habit for the future to always listen to my gut.

Today we had our live streamed interview with Viju☆Love☆Cafe.
The show was really fun and entertaining! It will be up in some time for you all to watch again, so keep your ears and eyes opened!

Afterwards the band went together with Akemi, Mayumi and Kuniaki to a Japanese restaurant to eat, drink and celebrate a good program. Japan has so tasty food! I could stay here forever just to eat! We got introduced to many new type of dishes, and since I love seafood I was in heaven.. (ーρー)
I really enjoyed!

Going to bed any minute. Tomorrow we have another day free before our last show so I will do some final shopping, but we need to rehearsal at the evening. Have to be prepared! I hope my health will be better by then.
stay MAD!


  1. your interview was so funny! have fun in Japan ~

  2. You all looked really nice! And I laughed a lot with the interview. Get well soon and have fun shopping!

  3. its always look so great, that good that is becoming more seremedy great!

    every day to dominate the day!