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Nov 17, 2011

V-ROCK festival

Here is a short entry about the 23 of October when Seremedy was playing at V-ROCK festival, Saitama Super-Arena in Japan.
There were four stages named Rose stage, Moon stage, Rainbow stage and White stage. We shared Moon stage together with the bands girugamesh, Versailles, ALI PROJECT, Eins:Vier, MICHAEL MONROE and SOPHIA.
The other bands playing at the festival were for example SuG, vistlip, ViViD, Mix Speaker's,Inc, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, SCREW, DaizyStripper, lynch and many more! No band that I am really listening to, but I knew most of them from before in one way or another so it was nice!

Here is a picture outside our backstage dressingroom
We got to meet a lot of people, both artists and staff. The visual scene is all about bringing your inside to the outside - so you can imagine all the mixed styles that were expressed through different personalities (´・ω・`) It was very interesting!
You could also find so much tasty food and sweets in the catering! I really spent too time eating that day, haha..
What kind of drink? Fanta Grape♥ what else?

Of course we watched our friends, Versailles when they rocked the stage! Here above you got a picture that I took from their show. Even though you can't see much you get a hint of the area around. I was standing at the other side of the arena, with Rose stage on my left. The place was really big!
Sadly I have no picture of the other two stages, but they were smaller and located in the entrance-room.
This tour was the last with Seremedy's current outfits. Here you got a picture I took right after our performance. I remember that I was really tired and also sick from a really bad flu that refused to give in throughout the journey. I had more or less sore throat every day. It was hard to sing, but somehow I managed to keep my voice clean!

Not before now, almost two weeks after I arrived at home it has dropped a bit, but I'm still snotty-nosed... (¬_¬)


  1. It's my Dream to go at a v- rock festival *0* hope you and the rest of seremedy had a really Good time even though you weren't feeling too well :c

  2. ^-^ sounds like you had fun. I'm a huge fan of Black Veil Brides too so it's very awesome to see that first picture ^-^

  3. I LOVE u!!!! u r the best ever i love love plz never stop music and style!!!!