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Oct 4, 2011

the Netherlands☆

There is much to say about my visit, but I'll try to sum ​​it up shortly.

I went with the flight to Eindhoven. At first the plane were going to be over one hour late, but fortunately they somehow managed to get away in time. My friend was waiting and picked me up at the airport when I landed, and we were off to his place by bus.
The day after we had decided to go to Amsterdam, wich is a trip about two hours from Eindhoven by train. The Netherlands has a beautiful landscape outside the cities. I saw alot of green grass, sheep and cows! Not too different from Sweden actually.
We did some random shopping and sightseeing. I did not take any pictures from Red Light District, but there is not much more to say than - go there and see for yourself, hehe (˘⌣˘ )

Walking the streets of Amsterdam.

And look who I met! I gave him some money.
We also went to the Amsterdam Dungeon and learned about some history of Amsterdam. It was a bit confusing because they mixed both english and dutch during the trek, but I think I got most of it. They made the experience very entertaining with theater and included the people in the group to act a part of the story. I really reccomend you to go there if you ever visit Amsterdam!
We wanted to go for a boatride, see a movie at the cinema and visit Madame Tussauds too but there was not enough time. You can't do Amsterdam in just one day. I guess that gives me a good reason to come back!

The day after we went for some shopping in Eindhoven. The weather was nice all the time. They said I came with the sun. It was like summer! Perfect climate for a good stay. I got to ride my friends scooter alot aswell! (^∇^)
Banana flavour of course★

Here is a picture of the smallest toilet I've ever
seen in my entire life! I want a toilet like that!
Also the food there is awesome! We had dinner at my friends parents the last day and they introduced me to something called a frikandel. It was so tasty! If you haven't tried it yet then you should! I will definitely have it the next time I go there.

Hope I will get time to go back soon, because I really had a fun time, met many nice people and liked it in regular in the Netherlands.

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  1. beautiful place! It seems that you are having so much fun! ( ^ A ^ )