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Sep 30, 2011

a day in the capital

Yesterday I were taking time spending with YOHIO to show him some of Stockholm since he just moved here. It's my hometown so I know it very well. Two friends joined us, and we had a great time together!

After some aimless wandering around we stopped at a cousy place called John Chris to take a coffe. I decided to order a cup of hot chocolate. It was very tasty! I love to be able to do things like this together with my beloved ones. I will confess it's rarely that I feel comfortable enough to really have fun, especially among large crowds of people that surrounds me.. I tend to get stressed out, but this was really an appriciated moment from my side. As I forgot my little "social handicap" for the time being.

After hours the other went home and me and YOHIO stayed out until late, just talking. More hours passed. When we were done and I were going to leave the clock was past midnight and the train had stopped. So typical! I called my dad, we decided to share a taxi since he also were stuck in town after working late. And so we did! When I came home I went to bed immediately. Even if it's very enjoyable to having a whole day out with people you really like it's also tiring!

Today I will go to the Nerherlands for the first time in my life!
Wish me luck.

stay MAD!


  1. Michelle, Like a Boss~September 30, 2011 at 11:26 AM

    Tack för autograferna! \(^w^)/
    Förlåt om jag störde eller liknade...sry!

  2. Good luck^^ I hope you'll get a nice time with your friend :) Stay MAD <3

  3. Not fun to stay untill the train has stopt going :S Happened to me to the other day. .But that time I took a walk instead.

    Hope Yohio enjoy moving to the capital ^^

  4. Tycker du att det är jobbigt eller roligt om fans kommer fram till dig på på stan? :3