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Oct 18, 2011

with his nose in a book

Many people have asked about the name of the book I'm reading right now. I have a true passion for good books! The truth is that I've started on around eight books at the moment, but the one I'm currently focusing on is John Ajvide Lindqvist's "Människohamn".

I've read 3 of his books before ("Låt den rätte komma in", "Hanteringen av odöda", "Pappersväggar") and he's without doubt one of my favourite authors. Since I adore horror I find it easy to love the whole aura around the stories. He sure have a twisted mind, as I do have myself. Good thing that he is Swedish aswell. I have to say I prefer reading in my language.


  1. Yeeee han skriver bra han

  2. I looked at the side of the author you mentioned and the books look awesome. I would read them, but I would need to go back to studying Swedish because I couldn't even read children's books XD

  3. Nice blog and design cus!
    Is the big header one of the pics I shot for the video? If so, god it looks nice! Hows the postpro editing going :D? I'd love to get some screenshots!