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Jun 20, 2012

Midsummer this Friday, and other small updates!

I couldn't fall asleep tonight so I spent my time inside my brain. So many thoughts kept me company. I couldn't relax enough to fall asleep. Hopefully I'll manage to rest once I'm done with this entry.

Well.. This Friday Sweden will celebrate what we call "midsummer", or in Swedish "midsommar". For those of you who never heard of it it's a tradition where families usually gather to eat, drink and dance silly dances around a giant penis-shaped pole decorated with flowers.
Don't ask.. Just Google "midsommarstång" and you'll probably get enough pictures to feed your curiosity.
I haven't decided what to do yet, but I'll probably hook up with my parents, wherever they chooses to do. Wherever we go we always have a good time together, so I bet it'll be great! Hoping for good weather too. Would be a shame to be indoors on midsummer or forced to dance in the rain, haha.

The day after I'll be going back to Sundsvall for the recording of Seremedys upcoming music video this Sunday and Monday. Almost everything is set and ready. A few small details to fix before, but there will be no problem. I'm really excited about this one, and from just reading the script I think it's going to turn out awesome!

Last weekend me and YOHIO were at Scandinavia's largest convention named UppCon to hand out flyers about our album. Our new look and album cover was revealed together with the dates of both releases (Japan and Sweden). We got to meet many cute supporters. Seremedy are truly blessed with our fans! We also met the members of SCREW who visited the convention for a show. I miss Japan very much when I meet Japanese people. Hope to go there soon again. My Japanese is getting better and better, but I still find it hard to create sentences. I understand more than I can speak.. but that's going to change in the close future!

Getting closer and closer to the release of the album every day now, and I have this constant feeling..... you know, butterflies inside? I'm happy, wistful worried and terrified at the same time. Very mixed, in other words. Let's all hope for success! I hope all of you will like this album as much as we do. It is not perfect, but absolutely the perfect first big release for my band. It shows how much we have developed since the EP and also how much we can develop for the future. Every day is a step forward, and this is only the beginning!
Are you with me?!

Finally feeling tired. Dreamland awaits.


  1. Awesome! ^^
    Can't wait for your album but I couldn't afford to pre-order it. What are the possibilities to buy it after it's been released?


  2. Hope you're being swept away by amazing dreams.

  3. KaiPon, your friendly neighbourhood fangirlJune 21, 2012 at 2:11 AM

    I know that feeling of not being able to sleep. It has been happening to me more often lately, some days I'll be lucky if I even get as much as one hour of undisturbed sleep :/ Now is another one of those days, I guess. And the fact that my shoulder hurts like a ---- when I lay down is not exactly helping.. So sorry if this comment is all over the place and not really cohearent. Being sleep-deprived makes my brain not function properly.

    It's been a couple of years since I danced around the giant penis-shaped pole last I think. I'm kind of happy I haven't thought about the shape of it up until I just read 'giant penis-shaped pole'. Oh innocence, you shall be missed <3 (Kidding)

    ARGH there we go again with Sundsvall! Just making me want to go there even more after my talk with YOHIO. Even if I know I will probibly just feel like shit if I go there alone, due to all the shitty memories I have from that place I like to call hell on earth, and I don't know anyone that would be willing to go with me :/ It has been about 10 years soon since I moved away from that place though, so who knows how much I will recognise. XD But still, I have bad memories of the place, and if I go there alone, I will be consumed by them, sending me into a depression once again. And I don't want that.. :/ Need to find someone that will be willing to take care of me, hold my hand so to say, while I'm there.. :/

    Haha UppCon was awesome~ :3 Especially meeting and talking to you guys, hehe~ <3 I'm not sure if I would count as a 'cute supporter' at that moment (even if I had my kittyears on :P), but I sure did become a fangirl after talking to you (yes, I checked you out on Youtube, the music is amazing!).
    The SCREW show was awesome, but you guys beat that by miles, haha. ;) And that's saying something, seeing as SCREW was maybe >90% of the reason for me going to UppCon in the first place XD
    Thouh, I guess I cought you at a good time to stop and talk, too. :P
    The photos I took of you are all in use on my phone, because of the epicness of the moment. And I guess you liked the one I took of you and YOHIO too, seeing as you posted it on your Facebook XD (Or maybe it was the only one you could post, what do I know? XD)

    Can't wait until the album is released. I kind of want to pre-order it from somewhere, BUT... I don't have the money for it right now, nor do I feel like paying FedEx about the same ammount a CD would cost for customs or something. That I simply can't afford right now .__. Oh well, it will be released here in Sweden, so that's awlways awesome. :D I know several of my friends are planning on getting it too. :D

    Oh, and Seike, I will always be with you :P Just remember not to overwork yourself or I'll hunt you down and take care of you myself, and I will use force if I need to :P (Kidding, kind of <3)

    Well, you said you liked comments, so here is a massivly long one from a relatively new fangirl who is bored and tired, yet unable to sleep. Truth every step of the way though :P I'm a terrible liar, especially when tired, haha <3

    Hope you have a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams about bunnies, rainbows and pink fluffy unicorns. <3

    xoxo KaiPon

  4. Your new album is gonna be awesome !! We are going for Madness and it's great !! I'm always with you !!

  5. Can't wait to hear from the new album :3
    And I also look forward to the music video.
    Glad midsommar Seike!!!!
    Stay mad