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Jun 1, 2012

Friday once again

I spammed all over Twitter last week, but once again congratulations to Loreen who won Eurovision with the song Euphoria representing Sweden! It means that next year we are going to host the big competition in our country. It is an honer and I'm so very proud of Loreen. She's a true spirit and should be the rolemodel for girls around this planet instead of many artists of today. Hopefully she will influence more people now by winning Eurovision and become an international known musician. I wish her all luck for the future.
Going to watch her perform live tomorrow! Lucky me.

Had a photo shoot yesterday with Josefine Jönsson! At first we was scared it was going to rain since the day started off with a thunderstorm, but when we arrived the weather turned out just fine and the shoot went very well. Also we photographed under a bridge which had protected us from the rain if it would have started again.
I really like working with her! She's a calm and funny person, and great with her camera.
The result will be published shortly!

Was going to have another photo session with another photographer today, but had to postpone it because the weather is as bad as yesterday and now there is no bridge to hide under.
There will be a lot of photography for me upcoming. Seremedy also now have a shoot next week for the album release. Today I'll make the final preparations so that everything is set and ready. Going to town to procure the necessities that are required, including hair coloring and assorted accessories. Nothing special, but it is all the small details that makes it! Never forget that!

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  1. I'm so happy for Loreen. I've liked her since last year's Melodifestivalen so I got so happy when she won. She's a smart woman. And so beautiful, haha.