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Jan 17, 2012

.. which would bloom until his twenty-first year.

I think it is time for a design change of my blog sometime
soon! It looks kind of boring and plane. I want it simple,
but not in a trashy, ugly way. I'm gonna make it whenever
I get the time! Right now I am working on the lyrics for an
upcoming song, last weekend I were in Finland (will post an
entry about it later) and yesterday was my birthday!

Now I'm 21 years old!
And I really want to say thanks for all the thousands of gratulations you gave me yesterday! I got toally spammed! Could not catch up with thanking every each and one of you personally so I decided to just say it like this afterwards instead. I also know that some of you sent me gifts on the post. Will inform you, probably through Twitter, when they arrive!

THANK YOU again, and stay MAD!


  1. You deserve alot of gifts ^^!
    Will I see you next week <3?

  2. Hi, Seike!
    I really hope you read your comments cause I have a big question for you. I know, I could just ask Jenziih on facebook or Twitter but I really think I'm gonna forget it. So I ask you instead, Has Jenziih done something to his blogg? Because whenever I try to read it, my computer says that I need a password or something for it. :( Please answer :)