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Jan 11, 2012

Time to travel again..

Tomorrow I'm leaving Sweden to visit our neighbor country, Finland! Going to have a photo session, hopefully meet as many of my friends as possible and celebrate my birthday. I hope you haven't missed that the 16th of January I'll turn 21 years old! Be sure to get me a present haha (^_−)−☆


  1. That sounds like so much fun~! Can't wait to see the pictures and you have a super crazy awesome birthday!!

    Happy Birthday~~~<3

  2. 16th is my b-day too! :O
    I hope you'll enjoy your trip to Finland~!

  3. Have a great time here in Finland !

  4. OH MY GOD i'm in love with you ! (well no but...) i love your piercings, your hair, everything ;__; !