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Nov 12, 2011

MAD taxfree-shopping!

I slept most of the time at our trip home from Japan, but when we made a stop for two hours to change plane in China I got to buy some stuff at the taxfree!

One of the things I bought was this Shiseido skin care product named White Lucent. They said in the cashier that it was for women, so I looked for a product that corresponded to it but could not find any so I decidet to try this one anyway. What big difference can it be anyway?
I started using it when I came home. It's supposed to show a difference within two weeks. I'll come back with the results!

I also bought this wonderful perfumebox from Anna Sui containing five of her perfumes inside. I saw it on the last tour aswell, but at that time I did not have any money. Luckely they still had it when I checked now and I saved all tour to be able to purchase it on the way back! I adore the perfumes of Anna Sui. Used the one named "Dolly Girl" some years ago. Also the perfumes is products for girls, but I could not care less! It smells way much better than most of the ones ment for males, and I am tired of the one I use at the moment. Time to try something new and refreshing!

After shopping we ate some food at a restaurant before departure. I got myself a pizza with seafood (ofcoure, hehe)! It was really tasty, but the service at the place was awful! Not to be negative, but if you are working as waitress at a restaurant that is located on an airport you can at least lift your head once in a while to check if people want your assistance in any way. They are not supposed to have to get up from their chairs and ask for it. Those people should have in mind that the ones who eat there have planes to catch and got no time to waste on waiting too long for the bill to come, especially not when there is more than ten workers at the place. What on earth were they all doing there? Not working anyway..

Well, well..
I love traveling! Really hope to be on my way again anytime soon!

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  1. I love perfumes, use things for girls?
    There is nothing wrong!

    is best to experiment and look beautiful forever! ( ^ A^)9