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Nov 11, 2011


Went to the cinema yesterday with my family to see the new Tintin-movie. Always wonderful to spend time with them, and both me and my mother are huge Tintin-fans so we enjoyed very much. I liked it alot. So happy my friend told me there will be two more movies later. Can't wait!

I got a lollipop when I was in Japan in shape of a Pikachu!
It's very pretty, but tastes really bad.. and I bet that it is
full of dangerous dyes. Just look how my tounge turned out
after a few licks!

As we speak of lolipops and licking! You can see on the pictures abow I have painted nails. It was from a little photoshoot I made for fun some day ago. I was the CANDYMAN! A total maniac with a huge lolipop and a hat on his head. One of my self-made characters. A part of my twisted mind. You have a picture here below. I really like this outfit, and it inspired me to design something for the future.

I'm soon off to a party together with some friends.
What are you up to? Had a great day I hope!


  1. Hej!

    Förlåt om detta hamnar helt fel men jag visste inte vart jag skulle ställa frågan (haha). Linder har väl en flickvän, vad heter hon? Jag har för mig att jag läste hennes blogg för ett tag sedan men har helt glömt bort vad hon heter, så jag kan inte hitta hennes blogg. Hittar inte svaret någon annanstans heller. Skulle uppskatta svar, om än det är väldigt väldigt irrelevant! :)

    Du kan svara här i kommentarfältet, för jag har ingen blogg själv!

  2. You are so sexy i can't stand it X__X ♥♥