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Nov 6, 2012

Time goes fast..

VROCK Festival 2011. Feels like yesterday. It was around one year and a weak since Seremedy stood at Saitama Super Arena at one of the main-stages to perform in front of around 10.000 people. The band started a little bit less than 2 years before that. Everything went so fast. I am very proud of us, and hope that all of our fans are as well.  Hopefully we will be able to play for people all around this planet the same way we did in Japan. With a fanbase that grows each day it's not impossible it will become reality very soon.
I miss Japan a lot recently, but I also want to see the rest of the world.
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Much of my time now goes to work, studies and more work. A lot of people are helping out by starting fanbases in countries all over the world and actively fighting to help Seremedy get more attention everywhere. For example Project MADNESS in the USA.
I'm looking forward to see more pages like this, and on Facebook and Twitter. If you are not a part of your countries fanclub yet make sure to join. If your country doesn't have any fanclub yet you cound consider to start one. It's hard work, but united there is nothing we can't do!

 Going to update with some pictures of my new apartment soon. Also I've got some other fun entries to make. I hope I find the time. Stay MAD!


  1. Of course, we will do everything I can do , to Support you , and bring you to Germany someday! When we work hard , we can reach everything! I always think positive about that , World Domination is near... <3

  2. こんにちは^^
    I'm always listening Seremedy, I am a fan of seremedy since only one month, your band is really great I really like :3
    I will always support you!
    I hope see Seremedy in France, I don't think maybe it will be soon but in any case I will wait~ (#^.^#)
    there is a French page of Seremedy in facebook ^^
    Work hard Seikeさん! 頑張ってね!(o^^o)