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Jul 3, 2012


Just woke up from a vivid and terrible nightmare.
I stood in the kitchen at home with several other people that I did not know and I couldn't recall their faces from anywhere.. and suddenly I realized that I was dreaming and could start moving around, doing whatever I wanted. I said it out loud.
"This is only a dream."
And once I did people started acting strange. I wanted to wake up, but I could not and after doing silly stuff to the people around (like totally random things in order to make the dream so unreal that I would wake) they got aggressive and started chasing me.
I ran to the toilet, locked the door and looked for a weapon. Found a knife.
I still regret that I did not look myself in the mirror at that time..
Was holding the handle to the locked door and listened when they searched for me outside.
Out of nowhere an ex girlfriend to me was there and then she tried to hang herself in the middle of the toilet. I knew it was a dream but I acted on impulse and took her down, kept repeating the sentence "you're so silly", not accusatory, but horrified and sad.
I don't remember the details here but she was just gone after that and I was at the door to check if the people that searched for me was gone… but one of them was right outside. He had a drill which he tried to kill me with.
I don't know how but then I just had a drill too and killed him instead. Somehow it was really easy to do so.
I was thinking about trying to kill myself too in order to wake but did not want to. It felt too real, I just couldn't do it.
I don't remember the rest now. Just that I finally found myself laying in my bed.
I've never had a THAT vivid dream before in my entire life, and if I had I could not control myself in it or I don't remember it at all.

I just felt like writing it down. There are more to it that I chose not to mention since it's just unnecessary details that would make reading this very boring, but there was more of the dream before I became aware of dreaming.
That made the feeling when I could start moving and acting on my own very scary. It was like waking up.
However I'm awake for real now and time is 2AM. Need to find a way to get back to sleep, and hopefully not dream any more nightmares like this.

Did you ever experienced the same? Tell me about it! I know it is very usual and I've experienced similar before.. but as I said, not this realistic. This time was extreme.


  1. I had a dream like that way back and I guess what makes it scary is how it was a "shared" dream - where I shared the same dream with someone.

    I was with my then boy friend in a car with our supposed son on my lap. We were going out with his friends. Erveything seemed normal, we were eating in restaurants, watching movies and chatting, when suddenly we noticed, one by one our friends were disappearing. We couldn't figure out why and where they were going. Even my supposed son disappeared after he had a glass of water.

    After failed analysis of the situation, one of my ex's friends finally told us that we were trapped in this dream and the only way we could get out was if we did what we wanted ~ whatever it was.

    I remember being frantic "inside" - I was trying to wake myself up in real life, scrambling in my mind to figure out how I could get out. I remember hitting the wall in my dream just to wake myself up, screaming over and over to myself "It's a dream. This is a dream. This is a dream!"

    I don't remember much of what I happened but I woke up. My ex who had the same dream told me later that day that he saw me disappear in the dream after we figured out where my supposed son went and that he was ok. As for me ex, I don't remember how he got out, but eventually he did too - well, he did wake up to tell me what he saw.

    I guess what scared me the most was, like you said, how real it felt. I felt really trapped in that dream - that I couldn't get out, couldn't wake up to real life and couldn't continue living. I wonder if I would have died if I didn't wake up. Perhaps this is how people die in their nightmares. :O

  2. As I've Tweeted a while ago, I also often had dreams of me running away from things - monsters, giant squids, people, zombies... you name it, I'm sure I've ran away from it in my dreams. It was always surreal, I could run so fast and I could jump on roofs just to run away from these things. And at times, when the monster caught up with me, I would be hiding in a closet or under a bed just so that I won't be captured.

    I had it interpreted and the dream reader told me that it symbolized my subconscious: how I always kept things to myself and how I always tried to run away from society and its expectations. I guess even in my dreams, I was trying to be different and I was trying to get away from something that was superimposed on me. And when society would catch up to me and try to judge me, I would hide and blend in just to pass off as a conformist and so that I could go on being who I am when the fires go down.

    Anyways, when I knew what it meant, the dreams became less scary. It just made sense - it was me, reflected in a dream. I guess, the only thing scares me about the dreams now is how society would be embodied (would it be a zombie again this time?) and if I would have trouble waking up... if ever.

    Maybe you should have this dream interpreted too? Maybe it's a symbolism of something happening or that has have happened in your life?

  3. I experience a disorder called Sleep Paralysis, where you're asleep but conscious and cannot move. You see things, and hear things.
    And you can't do anything about it.
    I've had multiple vivid experiences with this, and they're all extremely terrifying.
    One time, I kept seeing blood and hearing screams, and once I snapped out of it, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. ; ;

    And it didn't help that my cat just decided to jump on my stomach from my floor right after. ; ;

  4. This kind of reminds me of the scenes in the movie "Inception", where the subconcious entities become agressive or attack.

    Usually, I'm a light sleeper so either I don't dream, or I have dreams simular to this. The kind I remember most are the zombie ones and they aren't fun.

    And then they say dreams are supposed to mean something, that there's psychology to it. Sometimes that's comforting. Other times, I don't wish to dwell on it if the dream was a nightmare. Human nature is.. complex.

    Hope your sleep is a little easier this time, knowing you're not alone.

  5. Wow totally crazy and very scary. I've never quite had a dream like that, but at least a few times a year have very vivid dreams that when I look back after I'm awake it's just so obvious "Why didn't I realize I was dreaming?" but it was so real. I think the last bad one I had involved I said something obviously not real but everything felt so real and I remember waking up and sitting up very straight an gasping. If I don't tell it or write it down after it happens I usually forget most of the details within a couple of hours though. Hope you are able to get some good quality sleep. You seem pretty busy these days so you need it for sure.

  6. I dream almost every night and sometimes I realize I am dreaming and like you I start telling people in the dream about it, luckily none of them started to act agressive, although I only tell people "I know" :P

  7. Well...I already wrote it to you on twitter that I usually have such dreams. People or animals or monsters trying to kill me and actually they kill me in most of these dreams. It's not just scary but painful too, so I really hate these dreams. But the worst is when it seems I'm awake and lying in my bed, then suddenly I can't move or breath, I can't even ask for help...and when I realize it's just a dream, I still can't wake up...uhh it's really terrible. I hope you'll have just nice dreams from now on. ^^

  8. This post creeps me out.. I can only imagine how terrifying it is to realize that you are in dream but you can't stop it... Hrr, I have still goose bumps after reading this.

    I don't usually see dreams or I just don't remember them. But I have exactly opposite experiences about nightmares than you. My nightmares don't ever make sense, they don't feel real or anything. And that's the scary part of my dreams; everything is so messy and unrealistic and that makes me usually cry out loud and wakes me up.
    Thank god I don't see nightmares very often..

  9. OMG o-o I had I nightmare about a mutilated kid some years ago, it was terrible

  10. I think that moment when you realized you where dreaming but could not wake up must have been really scary. So far, whenever I was able to "find out" I was dreaming I was also able to control that dream (i.e. make things happen that I wanted to happen... this can be quite nice if it works out ^^). Actually there are ways to control your dreams.... though it requires some training, but I know a few people who claim they can fully control their dreams... I imagine it must be amazing to fill your nights with whatever you wish for....
    Dreams where you are dying or experience the fear of death are always quite intense, I guess.... But the most "intense" and realistic-feeling dream I ever had was rather un-scary though. I usually dream very vivid, especially when it comes to smell and taste (sometimes I taste the food I eat while dreaming even after I wake up), but this one time, there was even more to it. I dreamed I was a man, and I was holding the woman I loved and wanted to protect her from danger. It was an amazing feeling... also it felt so different from what I was used to, simply because I was stronger etc than my usualy female self. And when I woke up I looked at my bf and wondered if it really feels like that for men when they have a woman in their arms - and I'm pretty sure it does. It was a fascinating dream. This was definitely the most "real-feeling" dream I ever had...

  11. Creepy....

    Tur att du vaknade upp, men synd att drömmen hann bli så äcklig :/

  12. Din blogg ser väldigt konstig ut när man går in på den med, inga gadgets twitter, facebook mm.) och man kan inte gå bakåt och se på gamla inlägg, det syns bara de två senaste inläggen.. men om man har följt dig med blogspot så kan man hitta gammla inläggen på ens egen reading list..? :O

  13. I also have quite a lot of dreams where I'm being chased by murderers or zombies or monsters but I never realize that I'm dreaming. The most horrible and vivid dream was about some angry ghost woman who wanted to kill me. She didn't leave me alon, was really mean and laughed in the most horrible way. I actually woke to 'her' poking me so hard that it hurt and it was like 4 am when I woke and I was so scared to go back to sleep because I was afraid she was watching me. It seems funny now but at that time it felt almost as if she could only be seen in dreams but that she was still there on my room..

    1. So do I!! I remember having one about Dora (the explorer). In my dream I was watching one of the shows and I was being hypnotised by her and then she kept reappearing outside my window with a knife and she was trying to kill me constantly, especially at night. I have had weird dreams like that many times before.