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Apr 30, 2012

Q&A 1 - the answers

I think I finally got it all right! If there is any questions missing I'll make sure to add it in a while, but for now this will do. Have a fun time reading!

would you ever go to Canada?
Absolutely! As I say to everyone asking me to go somewhere with my band - We want to go all over the world, but to be able to do so we need to be sure there are fans enough to make a good show. The best places for us to have a gig is at anime conventions actually!If you want to help us, spread the band around among your friends! Also send emails to the big conventions that usually book bands and ask them to bring Seremedy there.If the organizers can see that there is a high demand, there is a much greater chance that they decide book my band.That's the best way to help, and also very effective.
You fans are more important that you can imagine!

What's the meaning of your tattoo?
Wich of them?I've got one covering my back in shape of a wing formed by birds. It is more a feeling than a meaning I can tell stright by words, but I would say something close to freedom and independence.R.K.D (Reality Kills Dreams) over the ancle of my right hand, made at age 16 for my brother. Also got the cardsigns on the fingers of my left hand that I made at the same time as the previous. They are signs I simply feel related to as I see life as a game where I myself play my part as the Joker.

Will your band be coming to the Uk?
In the future! See the answer to the first question!

Are you coming to Norway or playing in Gothenburg this summer?Love you ^w^
I hope to go to Norway with Seremedy as soon as possible. There are no official dates announced yet, but stay updated! Lots of love right back!

Do you fall in love easily?

How did you learned singing?
Before I joined Seremedy I sang just as a hobby when feeling and opportunity allowed. It is first now I've started taking lessons and work with my voice in a professional way.

Will you do an European Tour with Seremedy?
Someday. It is a goal to reach!
Stay with us and help us to make that dream come true.

which other european visual kei music groups do you know?
There are actually a lot of them that I did not know about before I formed "Visual Unite" which is a group where we are connecting all the musicians around the globe with an interest in and connection to the visual scene. I was gladly surprised there are a lot of unknown artists and bands on the rise out there!
Be prepared!

and do you know Cinema Bizarre?
I have heard of them.

what do you think about tham?
From what I know they are not active anymore. I never compare myself with any other artists in that way, but from what I've seen and heard I got the impression that our visions are very different.

Will Seremedy record some songs with japanese lyrics in future? ...or do there exist already songs in japanese?
We have made a version of Bulletproof Roulette in Japanese. One of the songs on the new album will have a version in Japanese too.
I would like to make lyrics in many other different languages in the future and I hope to be able to do so!

Is there anything you are scared of?
The man that appears before me as I look into the mirror.

Do you have a girlfriend? :3
What is that? Is it edible?

Are you in love?I get this question a lot. Break into my mind and find the answer for me, please. It seems I have misplaced the answer somewhere in the mess inside.

You have lots of piercings, right? How many? And I'd like to know the placement of all of them!Ps. You are really cute! ♥Thank you! I've got 22 piercings. The placement of them is for you to imagine.. or find?

Will you come to Germany in the near future?I do hope so.

What are your favourite brands of clothing?I care for the look of clothes, not the brand, and I dress in what suits me and the shape of my body.
I think in general asian fashion are outstanding.

To what country would you move if you could choose?
Sweden is cold and dark sometimes, but I like it here for now.
This is what I call home and where I feel that I belong.

Do you like other animals than cats?
I adore animals!

Can you post a picture of the tattoo on your wrist? I've tried to see what it looks like for quite a while now… ^^'
The tattoo sais R.K.D (Reality Kills Dreams)
I will try to take good pictures of all my tattoos and make a post for you asap!

kommer ni att ha konsert i stockholm nån gång??
Det skulle förvåna mig ifall vi inte kommer att ha en någon gång snart.
Håll koll på våran officiella Facebook! Där annonserar vi ut så fort någonting blir officiellt!

Will you marry with me? Haha kidding. Are you guys planning a world tour soon? I would like you to come to America ;A;
I would love to go on a world tour! Hope to see you there!

What is your favorite book? :3
I love to read, but I don't have any particular favorite.

When will the full Bulletproof Roulette PV be released? Will that be with the album, whenever it comes out? :3
I am sad to say that the video wont be released due to tectical problems, but don't you worry!
There is more to come.

will you dye your hair black again? you look awesome with black hair though >w< and say hi to Buta for me! ^-^
Actually my current haircolor is black, white and pink/purple.
He sais hi back!

Having so many piercings, do they ever get irritated?
There is one in my cheek that gets irritated now and then, especially at tours when we use a lot of makeup many days in a row, but I don't mind it too much. I make sure to clean and take care of them all wich is a must if you want piercings. To me it's worth it.

Do you like the gazette, hyde or alice nine.?
Yes, they are all good artists and musicians.

Dogs or cats? U got any pets?
I got three cats. I love both cats and dogs and other animals aswell.

Of all people in world, who is your favorite?
I care for my close and beloved ones the most, and ofcourse my supporters!
I have no single favorite though.

How many songs is it on the album?
It will be more than 10, less than 15.

When can we see some new band pix?
Be patient, dear.

Tell us about your favorit song on the new album!
My favorit song on the new album will be a somehow very sad one, but it pretty much tells the story of my situation in life. I can relate to it very much, therefore it is very emotional to sing and I love it.

What do you think of the band LM.C?
They seem to like what they do, and have a good spirit around their work. I like the style.

Will one be able to buy YOHIO's album in sweden, or must we import it from japaN?
Not sure actually. I am not too involved with YOHIO's solo project.
Buy the CD from CDJapan and you'll be sure to get a copy!

Are you in a relationship?
With my cat.

How do you shave your facial hair with all those piercings?
It is like asking how to eat with a toung piercing. Not that hard as it might seem.

You seem like a easily offended person .
That's just my impression , but you can't handle any earnest critique.

I am not used to get very sensible criticism to learn from on the internet. It use to be angry young people who finds it necessary to tell me that they dislike me and my work. It is not criticism, but opinions that I do not have any obligation to handle or care for.
The criticism I get from professional colleagues in my every day work is quite another matter, but because you certainly did not aim at it, you have now got my answer. I hope the reply will satisfy.

When did you realize that you liked visual kei?
When I was around 10 years old. The scene was as made for me with all my love for the androgynous looks with all the outfits, makeup and performances. I have always been into theater and music, and this was the perfect scene where they combune it all in a way that attracted me. I've been stucked to it ever since.
Though I have to mention I'm inspired by other scenes aswell.

Do you have any meanings behind your piercings or tattoos?
 I wrote the meaning of the tattoos in a reply before this one, but the piercings are just because I simply like them and feel comfortable with them. They are a part of me.

Did it hurt to get them?

Not really.

Do you regret any of them? :3c

Will your band be coming to Finland?
In the future I am sure we will!

Why do you not have a relationship? Or do you have one? ;)
I need to find the right one before I get into a relationship.

will you marry me? u_u
Very hard to say as I don't know who you are but there is always a chanse for the future!
Catch me up and make me fall!

Will you come to Latin America someday? I'm from Peru so I would love to know if you would come to South America ;) btw SEREMEDY has a lot of fans here!
Good to know, and so I have heard. Gather all of the fans from there and all of you should send emails to the organizers that usually brings visual bands. If they see that there is many people who would like to see Seremedy there they might book us for a show!
Good luck! I hope to see you soon.

Is your real name Seike? C:
That's what they call me.

how did you manage to get to meet so many brilliant people in japan at the beginning from your career? lovely greet ^^
Depends on what people you are referring to. We are part of a scene which, unfortunately, is not too large. It's actually hard not to come across and bump into some influential people. We got much help from friends that I knew from before I joined Seremedy, who happend to be known among people who works in the scene, and they introduced us to many new friends and work colleagues.

How did you do your hair? Like pointy? I get figure out how to do mine pointy like manga style!
 I am not too good with hair actually. I use comb, hair spray and sometimes some wax. JENZiiH (our basist) is the one who makes the hair of Seremedy and I do the make up.

And will there be more songs with the sound like bulletproot roulette?
There will be a lot of new songs on the album that I hope you'll come to like as much as our old ones or even more!

And a own tour in sweden. Not festivals. But ur own show?
The future will tell.

Hi Seike! You and your band will come to Brazil?
When we got enough supporters there we will be sure to stop by for a show and visit your lovely country!

What was your most memorable moment of your life?
So hard to say. Ofcourse I will never forget when I decided to join Seremedy.
It was truly a huge change in my life that I'm so very happy to be a part of.

Will you start a record label but only for visual bands?
KEIOS ENTERTAINMENT is a Visual label founded and owned by YOHIO.

Heared you live in the richest estate of Sweden, is that true?
I would say "most expensive".

You should do a Europe or a Scandinavia tour!
I think so too!

Seike, thank you for letting us ask you questions! It is so nice of you!!(^.^)
Pleasure on my side!

I'm glad that the new Seremedy album is almost done. Could you describe what it sounds like comparing to Seasons will Change?
It is a very big difference in many ways. Seremedy has evolved much since the first release!

I've heard that it would be released in this "summer", but when in the summer? June, July or August? Hope it's sooner!
As soon as we got information we will make it official through our pages, but I can tell as much as one of the months you wrote is probably right.

Do you have a plan to have any concert in Japan this year yet?
Since I am not certain on anything I can't really tell but it is very likey.

I know you're 21 and YOHIO is 16. How old are the rest of the guys? To me all of you guys except YOHIO seem to be close in ages (early 20s) and YOHIO is the only teenager. How do you manage this age difference? Does it cause any problem or inconvenience?
RAY is 20, Linder is 21 and JENZiiH is 22. Sometimes YOHIO is the one acting the most mature in the band actually. We have a very strong bond between each other and such problems are among the last things that concerns me.

Did you know any of the Seremedy guys before you joined the band?
JENZiiH and RAY!

To Whom are you closest in Seremedy?
Me, JENZiiH and YOHIO share the most interests and opinions together but I have as fun together with the others. Seremedy is like a family to me and I love them all very much.

Tell us about culture shock / surprises (both good and bad ones) you've experienced when you went to Japan.
Japan is so different from Sweden in every way imaginable.
There is so much to love as a visitor but also many things I can't possibly relate to.
The best I have to say is the fashion and the cuisine. The underground music scene is fantastic!

Best / worst (wierdest) food you've eaten in Japan?
I like most Japanese food, but the worst by far is 納豆...

I'm a cat lover just like you! Your cat Buta-chan is very cute! You have two other cats, dont' you? What are their names? What do cats mean to you?
Ida and Emil. They are very old now. To me cats means calm and secureness.

I do think you look much more attractive with black hair, too! Just stunning, gorgeous and, on stage and pictures, nice contrast to YOHIO!
Thank you! Right now my hair is black, white and pink/purple.
I can reveal that I'm going to be very colorful for our upcoming release!

What kind of girls do you like? style, personality etc :3
Mature girls with an interest in style! I am very found of individuality, and gets attracted by people who are independent and secure with a strong personality.

Why did you go to Japan in 2007? How was the trip? Did you get to do lots of sightseeing?
I was 16 years old back then and went there with two friends because we all we all was interested in the country. We staied in Tokyo for over a month and got to learn a lot. As I've said before - Japan is very different from Sweden. I grew a lot as a person that summer, also by managing to take care of myself in a new country for that long. A very good experience!

Describe each member of Seremedy in a few words.
LINDER: fantastic, fabulous, funny
RAY: ouff mannen, hela fridens, ett gris
YOHIO: brödas, grötas och rufsekullen
JENZiiH: indescribable...

Hey Seike! So, in Canada, we can take theatre(drama)classes in school-and I'm in them. A lot of people say we're the loud kids.and that we're weird and all of that. I don't know what it's like in Sweden, but if you grew up in Canada, do you think you would have been a Drama kid?I was in a dramaclass in school myself, and got the same reactions. Our class was known as the weird ones. I think you are born a dramaperson or not, and it has nothing to do with where on earth you happens to "pop out", so to say.

hello! do you live in your own appartment or in your parents's home?
I live in a house together with my family at the moment.
My father is a hard working businessman and one of my greatest rolemodels.
My mother is also good at what she does. We work together with my upcoming clothing brand.

what kind of studies did you made?
I was in theatre class and an awfully lazy student.

what was your dream when you were a kid?
I wanted to become the Lion King.

When is Seremedy going to cover this?
I don't think Seremedy ever will make any covers. It's not our thing really.

When the band formed, where did you guys play? Like in a basement, etc.
We rented our first rehearsal in a building in Sundsvall called Domsaga among other local bands.

From a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to form a band?
It is impossible to answer that question because it always depends on circumstances. A good start is to be sure that everyone in the band will be aiming for the same goal and fit together as individuals, and that is where it tends to be a problem finding the right people. To have a band can sometimes be more work than fun, especially if you want to get anywhere. You all need to be prepared for that.
You must be determined and never give in to adversity! I could write an entire essay on this subject, but I'll just leave it here along with a good luck for all of you who are about to get started!
Hope to hear your work in the future!

And how did you guys get live time on the Swedish anime con's?
They book us as any other live act gets booked. Many fans of the scene come to visit conventions so it is a suitable market for Seremedy.

Will you have any lives with Seremedy in the Summer or Autumn? If you will, what are the dates? o;
We will announce them as soon as they gets official! What languages do you speak Swedish, English and a little Japanese. I know some words in Russian and studied Frensh in school, though I have forgot most of it by now.

and who are your main Visual Kei influences?
That  is a hard one.. I can't say I am more influenced by one artist than another. I am more inspired by the whole concept of the genre. My main inspiration is always to look into the mirror, see what I dislike and try to change it into something good. Since I like the visual appearance "good" always tends to be something with a visual touch. To me it is very natrual. I've been into the scene more than half of my time alive.

Tell me what you think about YOHIO's solo mini album and each song on it. Which song do you like the best?
I think it is very good! I can't decide which one I like the best. All songs are good in different ways.

If something happens and you must choose between being Seremedy's vocalist and a fashion model, which would you choose and why?
Seremedy will always be my nr1 choise as long as I am alive and it's possible. I live for my band, and everything I do I am doing to make sure the band will go on as far as we are able to!

What is this (←) "G-HOST" thing and what do you do there???
It is a kind of "circle"/group of people inspired by Japanese Gyaru-o fashion. I don't call myself Gyaru-o but I was a subscriber of the magazine Men's Egg between 2006 - 2008 and I buy and wear a lot of brand clothes that is regarded typical Gyearu-o fashion.
My main reason to be a member is because I adore the company! I enjoy to spend time with people who share the same interest in style as I do and we all have a lot of fun together!

Thank you, SEIKE! Can't wait till Seremedy's new CD is out!(*^-^*)
This summer!

What is your favorite color
Don't have any, but dark colors suits me.

and favorite food? (:

Hej seike^w^ Jag undrar varför ni inte vill säga era "svenska" namn?
För att vi inte vill förvirra eller länka oss med personerna som vi är privat utanför bandet.

Say one thing that you think is REALLY annoying and why. ONE thing only!
Most of the time - humanity.

Will you ever answer our questions?


  1. Thanks for the replies. You're awesome!!!

  2. mikan, from JapanMay 1, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    SEIKE, THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering all those questions for us!I had been waiting patiently and got really excited to read them!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

    I asked so many of them & I'm sorry if I wore you out...m(_ _)m I love Seremedy & you so much, I couldn't help it!(#^.^#)

    Maybe next time (if there is!), if you want to either set a question deadline or limit number of questions so you won't be overloaded, I wouldn't mind it and I will obey any rule you set!( ´ ▽ ` )

    Your answers are very interesting, some are very deep & thoughtful, and I enjoyed reading every one of them. Nice to know a little more about you!

    I wish I could've seen what you looked like when you ate it!(≧▽≦)

    I'll stay MAD for the upcoming Seremedy album!

    mikan from Japan (=HoPeLeSsOpTiMisT)