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Mar 27, 2012

"Early" travel

Today it's one of those "wake up in Sundsvall, go to bed in Stockholm"-days.
After 2h of sleep I got up and left YOHIO sleeping in the studio. Yesterday RAY finished his part of the recordings which means we only got some solo parts for YOHIO to make and then we will be more or less done and the album will be ready for mixing!
I have a good feeling about this cd. It's going to turn out to be a very good first full length album release. I am proud of my band and the way we've evolved.

Just boarded the train that's gonna take me to Stockholm. Going to have a business meeting with a producer company and Endigo later around 13:30. Hope I'm going to get myself some sleep before then. The train is crowded and full of people which I, at this state, find very annoying. Even when they do nothing but breathe and stealing air it's making me irritated.
Sometimes you wish you could just shut off everything and disappear into yourself for a moment. I do, now and then. Guess this is gonna be some of those times.

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