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Sep 19, 2011

some words in the early morning

Dear friends and unfriends, I will make one thing very clear, so listen carefully..

I have never claimed me, nor my band to be visual kei. I will explain why:
It's very simple. Seremedy can not be defined as anything else than Seremedy. Nothing more, nothing less. We do have a style that many liks to what's called visual kei, but mark my words - we will never follow any rules of that style or any other.
I'm not what people call visual kei. I am inspired by, and I will do it my own way creating something that represents me as the human I am.
My inspiration comes from anything that I feel connected to in any way.

Never tie yourself to anything but always be open minded for it, and let yourself getting inspired.

I hope some of you find my words encouraging.
That someone out there might do it is enough for it to be worthwhile writing.